Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Petito Elected Fairview Fire Commissioner

Local attorney Joseph Petito won reelection last evening as a commissioner in the Fairview Fire District. He received 58 out of 62 votes cast. (The other 4 votes went to various write-in candidates.) Petito began serving as commissioner last summer when he was appointed by Fairview's Board to fill out the term of Tom Ashline, who died on March 7, 2010.

This year's election was officially uncontested.  It also turned out to be uncontested in fact, unlike last year's “uncontested” election. Last year, 29 write-in votes — more than enough for victory in a normal election — went to Chairman of the Board John Anspach, but newcomer Bob Gephard won anyway because of a concerted effort to get out the vote.

Petito's reelection can be seen as completing the power shift, begun in 2008, from the old guard to the newcomers.  This year's election is the third in a row in which a newcomer has been elected to the board, thus establishing a solid majority over the old guard.  The lack of visible opposition to Petito may indicate an acceptance of newcomer Board Chairperson Jill Line by supporters of the old guard. 

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