Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Valerie Hail Responds to Charges of Deceit

If you believe Valerie Hail, the falsehood on her reelection campaign website really isn't her fault! In a phone conversation with me this morning, she said the website was crafted — without her awareness — by other high-ranking officials of the Town of Hyde Park, two of whom she named. I will withhold their names out of pity for them.

Hail takes the charges of deceit as being not a very serious matter, and she expressed surprise that others do. Her email response to me yesterday expressed a flippant attitude:
Great blog by the way, printed it out so I could read it on the road..also forwarded the letter two weeks ago .from their attorney to our atorney. We had quite a chukle. (Would like to FOIL that invoice and see how much we taxpayers had to pay for that)..
Hail told me — but only after I pressed her — that she will work with other Hyde Park officials to revise her campaign materials, and presumably to take down the offending falsehood. But this plan didn't sound as if it was a high priority.

Voters Will Judge

It hardly needs mentioning that even young children are taught to take responsibility for their own words. In attempting to blame others for her own campaign website, Valerie Hail seems not to have learned this lesson.

Hail probably thinks I'm doing her a favor by writing this post. Her first words to me were, “Bad press is better than no press.” She didn't sound as if she were joking. It remains to be seen whether Hyde Park voters in Ward 2 will agree with her.

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  1. For the record, Valerie Hail was defeated in the November 3 election.


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